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Hi. Welcome to my home page. My name is Clarence Beale. I enjoy sports of all types although today's athletes make far too much money. I enjoy bowling with my teammates and playing computer games. "Sons in Retirement" keeps me active and in touch with friends. Also, my lovely wife of 54 years and I enjoy our boat cruises and Reno trips with our friends. One of my life's biggest joys has been playing chess. I am a proud founding member of the Burlingame chess club which now numbers over 120 active members. If you would like me to help you improve your chess game, get your credit card ready but first let me tell you about this swamp, marsh land that I can help you invest in...

My Favorite Links

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My son Randy's home page
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Club news, photos and tourney info
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Beautiful girls showing off
My wife's recent paintings
Award winning paintings
National Chess Federation
The official U.S. chess site

Pictures of my wife and me:

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